This is a Quiet island getaway is making a name for itself with attractions like kawa baths, kayaking snorkling and virgin island.If you’re searching for quiet shores. then Antique is for you.Charter a boat from Culasi to take you to hook- shaped Malalison island.Its sparkling waters hug a powdery white-sand shore.Snorkel in Batabat Coral Reef, and you’ll see a bunch of fish and aquatic animals. A local favorite Malumpati Cold Spring, whose water flows into the Bugang River.Get a cottage near the pool.This place is ideal for swimming and picnics.Other good spots for diving and snorkling in Antique include Batbatan Island off the coast of Culasi. This tropical Island has natural caves and white-sand beaches. Manequin Island, also called Hammerhead Island, is for divers.Then there’s uninhabited Nogas Island off the coast of anini-y , which is a marine sanctuary with a beautiful stretch of frangipanis.Sira-an Hot Spring is a tiny sulfur pool overlooking the sea. The white sand stretch of Seco Island is a sweet spot for kitesurfers. Antique is also a place fulll of pristine falls.Go chase the seven-tiered Bugtong-Bato Falls in the wilderness of Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao. Its refreshing waters flow into a basin ideal for swimming.Hop into a kayak and paddle your way through the white water rapids of Tibiao River.Enjoy swimming in the cold emerald basin of Pula Falls. In th town of Carawisan, you’ll find the towering Batwan Falls. Scale up the peak of Igbaclag Cave, or take a stunning view at the summit of Bato Cave in the town of La Union. Marvel at the lush mountains, green farmlands, and fields. Hike up Mt. Igtuog and Catch a Rafflesia lobata in full bloom, if your’e lucky.The gigantic flower is endemic to the mountains of Antique and Iloilo, and is picky about blooming. End the day by taking a hot bath in an enormous kawa. This vat was originally used by the locals for cooking brown sugar.But now it’s for your pleasure.