If you have seen Boracay from posters and postcards, it probably has an image of an island paradise to you. However, Boracay has became way too commercialized in recent years due to its popularity, and moved down my “must-go” destinations. Imagine wanting a quiet romantic time, yet from the time you set foot on this island, you will be bugged by thousands of vendors who will pester you non stop to make a purchase, especially so, if you are a foreigner. Gone too are the idyllic beach hotels, and are promptly replaced by international hotel resorts franchises.

boracay sunset

However, if you love the beach, the sea, and sun, hanging out in the crowd, and over commercialization, huge selection of international cuisines, wild nightlife, 24 7 (well almost …) partying, then Boracay will make a perfect vacation for you.

Boracay is famous for its long white sandy beaches, and is also a popular outlet for water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing etc. Other than the sandy beaches, Boracay is well known for the nightlife and party scene. There are numerous bars and clubs along the whole stretch of beach, mostly located at station 2 of Boracay. Spas are also readily at most places; you can even find freelance masseurs “patrolling” the beaches!

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Best Time to Visit


Boracay Nightlife

boracay performance

The nightlife scene on Boracay is just as important as the famous Puka Shell beach, you will never find a shortage of places to party with numerous bars and clubs located along the whole stretch of the beach. Here are some of the highlights:

Club Paraw – Mostly local crowd. A simple, no fuss place to hang out with good music.

Cocomangas – Has been the most happening bar for many years. Bouncers make sure of the right crowd gets in!

Gulli’s island – Very popular with the “City” crowd.

Juice – Seems like a place with lots of expats. Mainly house music.

Hey Jude: The most “wannabee” and “never-will-be” bar in Boracay. Good to hang around to see and be seen but very plastic, no soul. If you are a social mountaineer this is the place to be in. Expect to pay as much as P 800 beach entrance fee to get in on some special nights! Dress code for guys: no shirts allowed. The bigger your six-pack the better to show it off.

Beachcomber – no soul, bland but also good for social climbers and mountaineers. Good house music though.

Summer Place – good vibe, no fuss, good eclectic music, good eclectic crowd.

Tides Roofbar – For the Manila city social mountaineers club, this is considered like the Mount Everest of the club scene! Kilimanjaro ambiance assured at all times!

boracay vacation

My To Do List:

  • Waste time on the Puka Shell Beach
  • Take a pedicab around the island
  • Sail around the island with Red Pirates
  • Snorkel at Baling Hai Beach
  • Go shopping at the Talipapa market
  • See tribal music performances at bars and clubs

Stay Away:

  • From expensive international cuisines, overpriced!
  • From arriving in a ship during wet seasons – rough sea! Take a plane instead.
  • From Station 3 accommodations IF you expect a romantic getaway.

How to get there

My recommendation for a first-timer would be to fly via either SEAir or Asian Spirit from Manila to Caticlan. Less convenient but using larger and perhaps more familiar-seeming jet aircraft (also perhaps less costly — especially with advance booking) would be to travel via Philippine Airlies or Cebu Pacific from Manila to Kalibo, and thence onwards to Caticlan via tourist bus or hired van.

I normally fly the fastest route. Manila to Caticlan via SEair w/c has a 35min flight or Asian Spirit 55min flight. Both airline uses prop engine hesitated at first but i’m used to it since my first time in 1996 (i normally book thru Asian spirit & choose their 4 prop plane). Landing in Caticlan you’d take a short 5min ride to the jetty port and then a 15min boat ride to Boracay…from the port in boracay you get a trike to your resort. the whole trip once you take off from manila should take +-2hrs to your resort room 😉

The other route manila to kalibo uses the bigger airlines like Philippine Airline, Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines. Difference w/ this route is you add another +-1.5hour landride from kalibo to caticlan jetty port.