It might be considered the seafood capital of the Philippines,but there’s so much to Capiz.The province’s natural attractions include islands and magnificent caves hidden in a massive woodlands.The largely uncharted province of Capiz has excellent diving spots,and majestic caves tucked in its woodlands.Then there’s the seafood which we could go on and on about.The area is proud of its capiz shells that the locals call pi-os..Capiz shell products are everywhere.Green mussels abound in the waters of Sapian.Visit Mussel Farm, where hundreds of bamboo stilts rise from briny waters.Capiz is the birthplace of Manuel Roxas,the first President of the independent Philippines.Take a tour of his two-storey stone house(now a national shrine)located in the city center.Capiz is also home to the biggest bell in Southeast Asia-seven feet in diameter and 10.4 tons heavy. It’s made from 76 sacks of coins, and housed at the Sta. monica church in Pan-ay.if you’re looking for an island hideaway,charter a boat from Banica Terminal in Roxas City to take you to the georgeous Olutayan Island.Dive into its waters and discover a Kaleidoscope of marine life!You can also visit the tiny island of Napti, Known for its azure waters teeming with lobsters and fish.Explore the small cave on the island and bask in its serene environment with a stunning vista of Roxas City and Pan-ay.Take a relaxing dip in any waterfalls within Pangilatan Eco-Tourism Park in Brgy. Artuz, Tapaz Capiz.Commune with nature while enjoying the serene park fringed by dense jungles.The wide, towering Hinulugan Falls are another attraction in the province.It’s three falls flowing into a basin.Capiz is full of caves. Explore the massive chambers of Quipot Cave.You’ll also find wild ducks,birds and deer in the area.Marvel at the beauty of Pilar Cave, believed to be an ancient burial site of the province’s original inhabitants.Earthen pots are said to have been discovered by locals.In the summer,beautiful orchids adorn the caverns.Balisong Cave is a Spanish- colonial battle site.Suhot Cave is known for its crystal clear water gushing from a spring.because of its length,it is believed to be connected to Badian Cave in the neighboring town of Dumarao.Suhotan Cave has a cathedral-like dome and multi-layered chambers with drapers, stalactites, and a massive stalagmite. Igang Cave is another well- known limestone cave in Maayon, with chambers filled with dramatic stalactites and stalagmites.