Japan Rail Pass…The cheapest and most convenient way to travel around Japan.                               ジャパンレールパス…日本を鉄道で旅行するのに最も経済的な切符です。




Before buying your JR Pass ticket

Who can use the Japan Rail Pass?
How and when do you buy one?
What do you do in case of cancellation?
Can you book a Japan Rail Pass for a third party?
What is the price for babies/children?
How long does it take to get a Japan Rail Pass?
Do you need to have regional passes in addition to the national Japan Rail Pass?
When is it not worth having a Japan Rail Pass?
In which cases should you take a rail pass for a week?
When should you get a rail pass for 2 weeks or 3 weeks?
When can you use the Japan Rail Pass?
Recommendations to Japanese Nationals 日本人旅客の利用条件について

∫ How does the JR Pass work?

How do you book a seat?
Which train should I choose?
Are there porters?
How do you get your train?
Can you smoke on the train?
Can you eat on the trains?
What are the busy times and days to avoid?
Can or should we book our seats?
Which bus lines are available with the Japan Rail Pass ?

∫ Upon arrival in Japan

How do you activate your Japan Rail Pass in Japan?
Can I use my Japan Rail Pass from the airport?
What is the validity period of the Japan Rail Pass?
When should you activate your Japan Rail Pass?

∫ What does not work with the JR Pass

Can you use all the Shinkansen, including the Nozomi?

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