Australia Visa Requirements

australian-visaCategory: Tourist
Duration of stay: Embassphd thesis assistancey’s Discretion

01. Valid passport (6 months validity from the end of intended stay) and photocopy of valid and former visas (if available)comparison essay example
02. Visa application form – printed in A4 size paper click to download 1419 FORM AUSTRALIAN VISA
03. Signed Tourist Stream (Sub Class 600) – Application Checklist click to download Subclass 600 Tourist Stream checklist – updated 24-06-2015 for Australia
04. Two (2) recent colored passport size photos (with white background, applicant should be in decent attire, dark color top with collar and sleeves) that has not been previously submitted to the same embassy where you are currently applying
05. Certificate of Employment stating position tenure of service and with gross annual income
Supported by approved leave of absence (EMPLOYED) / Business Name Registration Certificate issued by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) or SEC Registration Certificate (SELF EMPLOYED)
06. Bank Certification
07. Original latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
08. Flight Itinerary (if available)
09. Confirmed hotel booking certificate (if available)

10. NSO Birth Certificate

11. NSO Marriage Certificate

Additional Requirements
13. Notarized Affidavit of Support (if sponsored/supported by other person) along with proof of Financial capacity/documents of the sponsor
14. Birth certificate/marriage contract (to establish the relationship between the sponsor and or accompanying person)
15. School certification or proof of registration/enrolment along with the school ID copy (for Student)
16. Original DSWD clearance certificate for minor below 18 not travelling with one of the parents

For visa application with invitation from relative/friend in Australia, additional documents required
-Support letter from the inviter which include the complete address and contact information in Australia
-Copy of the biographic page of the passport of the inviter
-Proof of residency document of the inviter
-Invitation Letter from the Inviter

Duration of visa processing: The timeline stated on list of requirements is a standard maximum of thirty (30) days duration, however, given the recent extended processing time of the embassy, we have experienced that for tourist visa application, processing may take 15 working days at the minimum. Hence, please allow at least two months to process your application in consideration to any probability of a need for the embassy to initiate further assessment on the presented documents.
Procedure: Kindly comply as stated above. Please do not finalize any travel arrangement yet until we confirm the status of the application to avoid inconvenience that may imply further delay and penalties on our processing
*Remarks: The embassy determines the type of visa to be applied for. Please be advised that upon presentation of your application, they may require additional documents and fees. Processing time may also vary.

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