China Visa Requirements


Category: Tourist
Duration of stay: 14 days for Single/Double Entry Visa / 30 days each entry for Multiple Entry Visa

1. Passport – Original passport that is valid for at least another 6 months with at least one blank visa page, a photocopy of the passport’s information/photo page, and emergency contact page
2. Visa Application Form – You must submit truthfully completed and signed Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China. Do not leave any field blank. Write N/A if the question does not apply to you. Please print and sign click to download CHINA VISA APPLICATION 2017
3. Photo – Affix two (2) color passport-size photo on the Application Form. The photo should be recent, front view, white background, in 48mm x 33mm size without head covering. Glue the photo to the appropriate field. Kindly click attached specifications 外交部海报(A3).cdrStapled/taped/clipped/detached photos will not be accepted by the embassy
5. Round-trip airline itinerary (if available) may be provided by our agency
6. Hotel confirmation vouchers (if available) may be provided by our agency
7. Invitation letters from China (If applicable, should be attached to the application)

8. NSO Birth Certificate

9. NSO Marriage Certificate

Additional Requirements:
1. First Time Chinese Visa Applicant – Information about your finances and employment or studies is required, which you should consider providing bank certificate of deposit balance including the past 6 months history of your bank account and the ORIGINAL RECEIPT (required) for payment of this certificate, and BIR-stamped income tax return form, and letter from your employer detailing your salary and the length of your employment (for employed), and business registration certificate if you are the owner, or professional ID, or student ID, etc (if applicable). A letter of explanation is required if you could not provide the above-mentioned documents (Info from Chinese Embassy)
2. Those with Previous Chinese Visa – If you had obtained a Chinese Visa before, you should submit a photocopy of the visa, and if the visa is on your old passport, you should also submit the old passport. Other requirements may be waived upon discretion of the consul officer.

Important Notes:
A. Applicants without at least 1 previously issued and used China visa are not allowed to request for expedite visa processing. Application will be processed in regular 4 working days after submission.
B. If traveling as family (i.e. children with parents), letter of support together with the financial documents from the parents should be provided.
C. For expedite 2 days processing, original e-ticket should be presented upon filing, with additional fee of PHP 1700 on top of the visa fee (subject for approval)
D. For expedite 3 days processing, additional fee of PHP 1100 on top of the visa fee

Duration of visa processing: Minimum 4 working days upon filing to the embassy
Procedure: Submit to us original documents as stated above
*Remarks: For us to manage the timeline effectively, appreciate if we could allot at least 2 weeks prior the intended travel date to process the visa application. Please be advised that subsequent to presentation of your documents at the embassy, they may require additional documents and fees which may prolong duration of processing.

** Starting August 22, 2016, ALL Philippine Passports issued on January 1, 2014 onwards should attach their old passports together with their current passport. 

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