NOTE: This is just the initial requirements upon filing and the embassy might ask additional requirements for them to come up with their decision.


  • Schengen visa application form click to down load Denmark Application Form– duly completed, dated and signed by the applicant.
  • Cover Letter
  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • NSO Marriage Certificate
  • One passport size picture with white background and not older than 6 months.
  • Original passports and past visas / stamps to Schengen and other countries
  • Proof of occupation
  • If currently employed, original “Certificate of Employment” stating position, length of service, salary and duration of approved leave of absence and photocopy of company ID (original to be presented). Pay slips for the last 3 months.
  • If self-employed, original “Business Name Registration Certificate” and latest original Income Tax Statement or other original proof of annual income.
  • If a student, original certification of enrolment from the school where the applicant is presently enrolled and photocopy of valid school identification card (original to be presented); If applicant is going on a holiday during the summer / semestral break, present an original certification of reservation or certification of enrolment to prove that he/she is enrolled for the next school year /semester.
  • Letter of invitation and a copy of the passport of the person inviting. If the person inviting is not a Nordic citizen, a copy of the most recent Residence Permit in Denmark must be submitted.

The invitation must contain information about the purpose of your visit. It should therefore contain complete and relevant information about the person extending the invitation, the invited person and their relationship to each other (including information about any family relationship), along with the purpose of the stay to be covered by the visa. The invitation should also state whether the person extending the invitation is also standing as a financial guarantor for the applicant.

  • Invitation Form Invitation Form for Tourists (VU2) or Invitation Form for business (VU1)
  • Proof of sufficient funds – Bank certification and pay slip for the last 3 months (not necessary if Sponsor in Denmark has indicated in the Invitation Form that he / she will shoulder cialis generique the cost of travel and stay in Denmark.
  • Purpose of visit
  • Family visit: Proof of relationship
  • If visiting sibling: Birth certificate of both siblings to document the relationship
  • If visiting children: The child’s birth certificate to document the relationship with the parents
  • If visiting parents: the applicant’s birth certificate to document the relationship with the parent(s)
  • If visiting wife / husband: Marriage Certificate to document the relationship with the spouse
  • If visiting mother / father of the applicant’s or the sponsor’s common child: The Child’s birth certificate to document the relationship to birth parents.
  • Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Fiance visit: Proof of time spent together, if applicable (e.g. copy of sponsor’s passport showing pages with stamps of arrival and departure – not a requirement but highly recommended)
  • Tourism:

Organized Tour: Full travel itinerary (if the visa is granted, confirmation of payment from the travel agent must be submitted)

Private tour: Travel plan including all countries / cities to be visited, information about accommodation and transport. (If a visa is granted, confirmation bookings of hotels and transport must be submitted).

  • Application Fee :
  • Travel Medical Insurance.May be issued by our office, kindly Contact Us for proper quotation.
  • Flight Ticket Reservation – The reservation must be in accordance with the Travel Medical Insurance.
  • Side trips: Applicants who also intend to visit other countries must submit a travel plan when applying, detailing where the applicant will stay and how the applicant will travel, as well as information on how many days the applicant will stay in the different countries.

If the application is approved, the applicant will be asked to submit proof of transport and accommodation for the entire trip. If, at this point, it turns out that the main destination has changed, the visa will not be issued.

  • Applicants who are married and / or have children are advised to submit proof of this (marriage certificate and birth certificates of the children). The latter is not a requirement, but will strengthen the application.
  • Applicant who own land or property are advised to submit proof of this. As above, this is not a requirement, but will strengthen the application.

Minor (Under the age of 18)

  • Original birth certificate of the child
  • Passports of both parents – Both parents / legal guardians must appear in person at the Embassy in Manila or the consulate in Cebu when submitting the application.
  • Original Letter of Parental Consent to apply for and obtain a Schengen Visa signed by both parents.

If only one parents has sole custody of the child, the Court Decision awarding custody to the one parent must be submitted. If the other parent is dead, the Death Certificate must be submitted.

NB: For the protection of children, the above documents will be verified and a longer processing time must be expected.

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