NOTE: This is just the initial requirements upon filing and the embassy might ask

                         additional requirements for them to come up with their decision.


  • Copy of your passport at least 6 months from date of travel
  • Includes the photo page of your passport
  • Application form click to download Eygpt Application Form
  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • NSO Marriage Certificate
  • Previous Egypt visa if applicable
  • Previous visa(s) and stamps —if applicable
  • 1 2×2 sized colored photo attached to the front of the application form
  • FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS —- Evidence of your financial status and capacity to support yourself during your intended stay
  • Copies of your bank deposit books showing your history of savings or salary
  • Copies of Bank Certificate
  • Credit card statements and limits — if applicable
  • Personal ITR (Income Tax Return)
  • Certificate Leave of Absence
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Letter of support with the above evidence of financial capability, photocopy of passport and ITR
  • Evidence of current employment or documents supporting business ownership
  • Evidence of intended purpose of travel ex. Ticket Itinerary, Hotel Reservation
  • Invitation letter from Egyptian Contact.
  • If supported by Egyptian contact, evidence of relationship to Egyptian Contact i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. and a copy of the photo page of their passport
  • Documentary evidence of the child’s relationship to their parents: Copy of the child’s birth certificate, showing names of the child and both parents
  • PHOTOS SPECIFICATION: White background, with collar, ears showing and in neutral facial expression.

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