western visayas

Dinagyang Festival
The province of Iloilo is synonymous with historical places and old churches.Laze around the beaches of North Iloilo or escape to cool highlands with rice terraces and pine trees down south.There’s just something about Iloilo. It’s part old world charm, part stunting centuries-old churches, part Ilonggo hospitality, and part delicious […]


Serene Beaches, unexplored cave and some of the sweetest mangoes in the world make this island irresistible.It has the prerequisit azure waters and white sand beaches, but what Guimaras special is the serenity and laid back lifestyle you’ll find in most parts of the island.Alubihod Beach is the usual jump-off […]


It might be considered the seafood capital of the Philippines,but there’s so much to Capiz.The province’s natural attractions include islands and magnificent caves hidden in a massive woodlands.The largely uncharted province of Capiz has excellent diving spots,and majestic caves tucked in its woodlands.Then there’s the seafood which we could go […]


Any iconic photos of Boracay you’ve seen are likely to be from the westward-facing White Beach-four kilometers of white, powdery white sand dotted with resorts, shops and restaurants. White Beach is composed of three sections. the northmost section-Station 1-has the widest beachfront. This has the best(and most expensive)resorts and hotels.the […]


The best Time to visit is in October for the Maskara Festival. During the rest of the year, this city is a magnet for people looking for great food and great hospitality. A tour of Bacolod’s attractions starts at the city plaza, where you’ll find San Sebastian Cathedral(built in 1876), […]

Bacolod City

This is a Quiet island getaway is making a name for itself with attractions like kawa baths, kayaking snorkling and virgin island.If you’re searching for quiet shores. then Antique is for you.Charter a boat from Culasi to take you to hook- shaped Malalison island.Its sparkling waters hug a powdery white-sand […]


This is a province of beaches. But you can also walk in the shade of a vast mangrove forest, or see how plant fiber is turned into remarkable Philippine textiles. Aklan province’s claim to fame is Boracay, an island located about a kilo- meter from the province’s northwestern tip. But […]